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3 August
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i'm a wife, mother, writer, huge music fan, even bigger movie fan.

"sooner or later", 1950's, 80's culture, 80s music, acting, alice in chains, american beauty, art, audrey hepburn, autobiographies, babbling about television, babies, beach, beetlejuice, bela lugosi, biographies, bo duke, book clubs, books, boston red sox, bowling, breakfast at tiffany's, bridget jones diary, buckcherry, carolyn mackler, cartoons, characters, charlie brown, cheesecake, chick lit, chinese food, chocolate, christina ricci, classic movies, coffee, comedy, concerts, country music, dancing, danielle brisebois, degrassi, dialogue, disco, dreams, dukes of hazzard, dvds, edward scissorhands, fashion, ferris bueller's day off, fever pitch, flea markets, folk music, food, frank sinatra, french fries, games, grey's anatomy, hanging out, helen fielding, high fidelity, hollywood, hugs, humphrey bogart, ice cream, internet, jack black, james dean, jimmy buffett, joan bauer, jodi picoult, john malkovich, john schneider, johnny depp, journaling, kevin smith, kissing, laughter, laurie halse anderson, led zeppelin, literature, marilyn monroe, marlon brando, matt dillon, megan mccafferty, movies, music, new york city, old movies, oscar the grouch, paintings, philosophy, pink, poetry, procrastination, psychology, purple, reading, red hot chili peppers, relaxing, rex smith, road trips, rock, roman holiday, romance, sarcasm, school of rock, screenwriting, shoes, shopping, skid row, sleep, snoopy, sophie kinsella, summer, tattoos, teen literature, tenaciousd, terry macmillan, the 50's, the 60's, the beach, the beatles, the cult, the doors, the wizard of oz, theater, thora birch, vampires, vintage t-shirts, watching movies, weezer, wine, working out, writing, writing for young adults, writing letters

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