sleep & vh1 countdown

I should be asleep but i think because I get home after 1230am, i get that second long as i get to sit(as I don't get to do that at all at work) and plus the VH1 top 100 hard rock band countdown is on the VH1 classic channel. I feel obligated to stay up and see who is number one.
The running commentary from musicians cracks me up. 'the clash is the CNN of punk rock' - by Scott Ian.
Ozzy Osbourne - can't understand a word he says but i love his old stuff. the album 'blizzard of oz' is amazing. He's number 18 on the list. I thought I had seen this countdown before but it isn't seeming so familiar now. BUT I feel Led Zeppelin should be number 1. They haven't been mentioned yet and they are up to 18.
Okay, on with the countdown - -number 17 - The ramones - so so glad i got the opportunity to see them. and scarily enough, i've just learned that they performed on the Sha Na Na variety show back in the 70's. That is just really bizarre.
Number 16 - Cream - in the white room, with black curtains, in the station... so bluesy and hard at the same time. A great band that has one of the best guitarists on the face of the earth.
Number 15 - Pink Floyd - one of my favorite bands of all time. the wall came out when i was 11 yet didn't see the movie or hear the whole album until i was blew me away and sort of scared me but to this day i love their sound.
Number 14 - Soundgarden - saw them back in the early 90's open for G&R. Very good live..not a huge fan of theirs but Chris Cornell is an amazing singer and can wail. a good combo for a singer of a metal band, right?
Number 13 - Queen - another fave of mine of all time - Freddie Mercury is one of the best singers to ever record rock music. Some of their songs are certainly a bit different and tend to sound a bit different than the others - from Bohemain Rhapsody & 'another one bites the dust'..they were an amazingly talented band and in 91, we lost Freddie to Aids. he was theatrical and amazingly talented.
Commerical break... hey, happy holidays to everyone, even you grinches...
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A list

Okay, ten weird things about me that no one knows . . .

1. I hated pizza for most of my life. Only in the past few years, I've grown to like it.
2. I can only sleep on my back as I feel uncomfortable in every other position.
3. I like cleaning the kitchen sink. There's nothing better than a clean sink.
4. Sometimes I like to just drive around by myself - aimlessly & listening to loud music. It isn't often, but it is very freeing.
5. I like to read novels written for teenaged girls. The writers these days are phenomeonally good.
6. I think goatee beards are cute...: ) My hubby has one.
7. I get insomnia a lot lately and get online looking for deep meaningful discussion with online journalers.
8. . I like to sneak chocolate in on a daily basis. Even just a smidge.
9. Once I know your birthday, I will never forget it.
10. i can change into a concert shirt at a concert, without having to take my other shirt off. It's tricky..but I can do it without revealing anything.

if you want to be tagged, okay, you are tagged.
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Working Again

After 1 year and 9 months of not working outside my home, I have offically gone back to work. I got a job as a seasonal sales associate at Macy's. I've worked two days already and I have a blister and three more pieces to my black wardrobe(you have to wear black). However, I'm feeling more balanced than I have in awhile. As someone who usually thrives on ad.ult interaction, i do have days where I don't mind just being around my children. However, being outside in the real world and meeting new and interesting people is something I've always liked.

I think I'm doing pretty well working the cash register and the people on the other side of it. I've worked in two departments of the store already - Junior girls clothing and handbags. The first day was crazy. It was sort of slow in the am(I worked 8am to 5pm) but the mid day to the end was very busy. I worked with some very nice girls so it was fun. The second day I worked, which was at night, was sort of slow. But, once again, I got to work with some nice people that also happened to be sisters. It made me yearn for my own sisters.

So far so good. I'm not sure how long it will last but I am going to enjoy it while I do have it. Even though my feet are sore from being on them all night and I was a bit tired at 8:30 last night, it just felt good to do something I've been wanting to do for a while now - have a job. It's not my first choice of employment, but they offered me the job on the spot when I had my interview. I couldn't resist.

I am actually glad to be working. It's just been a good day. I had a lot going on and just came home from a Christmas party.

Okay, I am watching E news and Twisted Sister has a Holiday album out. The woman said it's the best metal Christmas album she's heard ever - like, how many metal bands have recorded a Christmas record? That is just weird to me.

AT this time tomorrow night, I will just be getting ready to come home from work. The store is open to 11 until Christmas. I will be back in the juniors dept. again. HOpefully, no more thieves will be out stealing Snoopy radios.
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Last night I DID Karoake. I didn't just go out and watch others make fools of themselves(actually, most of the people that sang had very good voices, aside from myself) I Sang my heart out and I had fun. Singing is something I've always loved to do.
I did "People are Strange" by the doors and (yes, i was up there again it was so much damn fun) "What I am" by Edie Brickell & the new bohemians. I was with a big group of women, but only one other person from the table got up. It's fun to watch, but I had been looking forward to going out and actually doing it and not just sitting there sipping a sangria.

I didn't know what I was going to do, but I looked through this monster size 'menu' of songs. I thought maybe a Christmas carol, but someone else beat me to the punch with "jingle bell rock". and I didn't see the song "Bitch" on the menu and someone else had done it. That would've been a good one to do.
I have a deep voice, sort of. Mostly due to bad allergies and can't sing well as it is, so I figured a song sung originally by a man would be a bit easier for me. I wasn't all that bad, at least I was told. I only messed up once at the very end of "what I am" cuz it was going so fast.

I hadn't heard "People are Strange" in a while, and I had forgotten about the guitar solo. So, during that, I did a little dance. I probably looked pretty ridiculous. However, the crowd was thin. Most people were juicing up at the bar and it seemed like the same people kept going back up. Luckily, for me, I followed a guy that did a really bad version of Nirvana's "Come as you are".

Some people think it's cheesy and stupid, but Karoake is actually very fun once you get into it. I will definitely do it again. I just wish my husband would come with me. He actually has a great voice, and it would sound even better compared to mine.
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I've gone red...

Usually when I try to color my hair red, it looks just a shade lighter than my natural color. However, i just colored it and in the light in my basement it looked sort of fake red..but in the light up here it looked just as the side of the box said it would..a dark auburn, which is what i've always wanted. ..even though i think it was the worst coloring job i've ever done. my grey is still there! right in the front, but i can hide it so long as i always wear bangs.
The color is called Spicy Salsa, Number 69(gotta love that number.) by Garnier Nutrisse. I bought it awhile ago and haven't really felt like doing it and was going to just have my hair dresser color it, but i really wanted to do it tonight and I had some free time.

i think i'm having a bad reaction..i just washed my hair and it feels a bit better. i don't know what i did wrong. i've done this so many times before.

i am letting professionals do this from now on.
i hope my head/hair is okay.
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Okay, so lots of you don't actually use your name in your user what is your name? i know a few of them already for the people i tend to chat with moreso than others.

i'm a big name person...even before i had my kids, i always had this fascination with names. My name is Eileen...what's yours?
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Stolen from another ljer...

Things you may not have known about me....

a) Four jobs I have had in my life:
~Admin. Assisant at MRG
~Order entry clerk at Elcom
~Medical Records Clerk at Norwood Hospital
~Video Store employee

b) Four movies I could/would watch over and over:
Grease, Pulp Fiction, Ferris Bueller's Day off,
American Beauty
I could keep going.

c) Three places I have lived:
Norwood, Mass
Walpole, Mass
Seekonk, Mass

d) Five TV shows I love to watch:
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
any 70's or 80's specials on Vh1
Degrassi jr. high

e) Eight places I have been on vacation:
Washington D.C.
Prince Edward Island, Canada
New Hampshire

f) One web site I visit daily
LJ (almost daily)

g) Three of my favourite foods:
Fried Chicken, potatos(any kind)
ice cream

h) One place I would rather be right now:
the same place i was a year ago today, Disney World

Now, here's what to do... and please don't spoil the fun.
Copy and paste, delete my answers and type in your answers. Then re-post it!!! The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known facts about those who know you.
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Movie Soundtracks

As a side project to my original project of listening and reviewing all my cd's, I've switched to Soundtracks only, as there are so many great soundtracks. Sometimes i forget how good some of them are as I don't listen to them often. Take the soundtrack to "The Basketball Diaries", for example. I'm not sure how I came to own it, but i recently listened to it again and it's an amazing soundtrack. The story is about writer/singer Jim Carroll, who was from the Boston area. Leonardo Dicaprio played the character of Jim in the film.
Just listening to it again reminded me of some bands I really liked throughout the early 90's that I don't seem to listen to much now.
First track "Catholic Boy" is sung by Jim Carroll with Pearl Jam(one of those bands i mentioned above).
The second song "Devils' Toe" is also Carroll and Graeme Revell. PJ Harvey's "down by the water" is great, i always liked that line, 'little fish, little fish, swimming in the water, come back here and give me my daughter'..that song's cool. very 90's.
"What a Life" by Rockers Hifi is next..Revell is back again alongside Carroll for "I am alone". "People who died" by the Jim Carroll Band is one of the more well known songs, if not the only, from this ass kicking soundtrack.
Any soundtrack that has The Doors in it is okay in my book. "Riders on the Storm" is here in all it's glory.
"Dizzy" by Green Apple Quick Step is next and i love it!!! I heard this band mentioned by another LJer a while ago, and had no idea who they were but now i do. and they have a great sound, and the song is awesome. i could see myself doing a striptease to it, but i digress...i'll save the striptease for the bed room.
"It's been hard" by Revell and Carroll is dialogue, mostly Carroll. His voice is weird. This is depressing. "Coming right along" by the poisies is next. "Strawberry Wine" by Massive Internal Complications(never heard of them, but that name is way too long, how bout MIC?) "Star" by one of my favorite bands, The Cult is next. They can do no wrong. They rocked live when I saw them open for Billy Idol back in the 80's and they rocked here..they will always rock!
That REvell person is on again with "Dream Massacre". Flea, from another fave band of mine, Red hot Chilli peppers, sings "I've been down", and to finish off this masterpiece is "Blind Dogs" by Soundgarden..another great band live!!!
My grade for this is an A all the way..even though I don't know all these artists/bands, the mix and the energy are on.
i get dizzy just thinking about it.

THe other soundtrack i want to mention is so different. It's from the film "Priscilla: Adventures of Queen of the Desert" .
Lots of 70's and some 80's music grace this album. It's fun but gets annoying after awhile cuz the producers of it seemed to think it needed many mixes of the same songs over and over...i can only take so much of 'i will survive', you know?
Best tracks down are "I've never been to me" by Charlene(sort of a housewives anthem in a way), "can't help loving that man of mine" by trudy richards, "shake your groove thing" by peaches and herb and "I don't care if the sun don't shine" by Patti Page. It's an insane soundtrack but so much fun to listen to if you like dance music mixed in with rare late 70's music.('take a letter maria', 'billy don't be a hero', and 'go west')
grade: B +
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i will never drink more than three or four beers in a night again. i had a really big drinking night this weekend and am soooo regretting it. at least, i was yesterday when i was wicked hung over. yuck! never again!!!

it was fun for awhile. it was certainly an interesting party....curious to know what it was for?

ask me.
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Letter thingee

From ljer Shaharazad(i am to confused about the whole tagging thing, even after reading the lj directions):

Name 10 things you love, starting with a certain letter. If you want a letter, comment me and I'll give you one.

My letter was "H"

1. Holding hands - i'm affectionate by nature
2. hugs - still very affectionate
3. Halloween - loved it for as long as i can remember
4. Hell is for Children - a great song by Pat Benetar
5. hamburgers - i like mine w/ lettuce and tomato, ketchup, cheese, and fries....and an ice cold beer
6. Hard ice cream - it beats out soft serve every time for me
7. Hot dogs - best at Fenway park, but i still seem to eat one every week.
8. "How soon is now?" by the Smiths - one of the first songs I liked by the sullen band
9. Hats - i wore them a lot more when i was younger but they are fun.
10. Hannah - i love this name for a girl, it was on my list of names when i was pregnant.

interested in joining in this letter thingee fun, ask me for a letter....
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